Tour to end the hunger of Jeffrey Gaines, Rebecca Pidgeon, Tim Young, Jeffrey Gaines’ band of 24 yr old youths, and the strange adventures of Tim Young

Day 7:

After our breakfast discussion of Quantam Physics, we hit the road, sans camera crew who had left early to go back to nyc. I for one was very tired because the utter and complete stillness of the country side had woken me up VERY early with an uneasy, “What’s all that no noise thing happening?”

After a ride of 5 hours of philosophical discussions, and metaphysical musings, plus a nap, we showed up at the beautiful Hyatt hotel where we de-camped for a bit, while the trusty Chris Rugulo (my Barrett Bonden for all you Patrick O’Brian readers) went out to scope the venue. Tim and I checked in to our rooms, and probably had much the same experience except for one crucial point. My room wasn’t double booked.

So Tim took a leisurely bath, hung around in what we can only assume was his most comfortable state of being, lay down on the bed to watch tv, and in walked ….(It would be nice here to pause and think, “the girl of his dreams”, except he’s already married to her, and she’s waiting for him back in LA, or to think of some happy scenario where two people meet in an unexpected and potentially awkard to say the least situation, but it’s the beginning of a beautiful thing and maybe they even get married, how sweet….), the business woman whose room it actually was, just , in fact, at the moment that Tim noticed somebody elses unpacked bag at the foot of the bed.

Tim was of course a brick about the whole thing, the hotel were very apologetic, and the lady- well I dunno. How would you feel?

But all’s well that end’s well, and we were off to play our gig at the Milkboy in Ardmore Pennsylvania.

You gotta love Philly. It’s where the founding fathers put together this extraordinary system of democratic government from which we all benefit so profoundly in this United States, and it’s where they built a monument to William Penn the founder of Pennsylvania that was very high, and there wasn’t to be another building any higher, or else Penn would put a curse on the city. Some developers, alas, not heeding this warning, built at least three (as far as I can tell), MUCH taller buildings than the monument to Penn, and that’s when the trouble began. The Phillies lost game after game, not unlike the curse of the cubs when they sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees. There was a pall cast over the city, and nothing, but NOTHING was going right. That’s when some clever Phillyites got the idea to make another smaller statue of Penn, and stick it on top of the TALLEST building in Philly. From that point on, everything has gone smoothly again. Phew. I guess each time they build taller buildings they’ll have to keep moving the statue to the tallest one.

We got to the charming Milkboy Coffee house, jammed around a bit with fabulous Jeff Gaines, had some Thai food and played our gig.

Then Chris, Tim and I went to have a weepy little beverage as it is sad to part from good chums for a wee while, but we were cheered by the notion that mayhap we will see each other , and do this crazy music tour thing again, sometime in the near or distant future, when our paths will once more meet, on another happy day.

A life on the road

West Philadelphia. "Mr Crabs"

West Philly fruit and veg sign.


Tim is ordering cake again. There has been quite a bit of cake eating going on on this tour I can tell you, and it isn't pretty!

Tim is unsure of which cake to go for.

Will it be the RED VELVET?

No, we're going for the cupcake.

I got a muffin. If Tim's cupcake and my muffin were the two tallest buildings in Philadelphia, I would definitely get the statue of Penn. Very cool.

They have a blackboard too!

Milkboy Coffee shop

Tim setting up.

Jeffrey on drums.

We're jammin"

And we hope you like jammin' too!