Rebecca Pidgeon tour to end the hunger of Jeffrey Gaines, blog

Day 6:

Woke up this morning with a cold! Oh no no no. I made an emergency visit to Gwen Korovin, ear nose and throat doctor to the stars, who fixed me up god bless her. Then back in the van to drive to Connecticut, but this time we had our lovely camera and sound crew with us, the intrepid Josh and Ralph. They tried and tried to get me and Tim to give them a straight answer on any topic at all really, but with not much success, until Josh told us to stop behaving like children.

I took pictures of them and they took pictures of us.

We played tonight with Jeffrey at the beautiful Infinity Hall in Norfolk, Connecticut, which was built in the 1880ís as a vaudeville/meeting hall by three women whose names I forget. One of them supposedly still walks around the hall on occasion. (All theaters worth their salt have to have a ghost). Apparently Mark Twain used to speak in that hall.

Fred the sound engineer gave us lovely monitor mixes, which was good because I felt like my head was in a goldfish bowl what with my cold and all.

We are staying at the lovely Mountain View Inn run by a lovely couple, who serve breakfast, art and vintage clothes! (I have my eye on a couple of beautiful vintage sweaters).

There is nobody about, all is quiet, there could be deer on the lawn, and I am going to have a bath in the clawfoot tub.

Tomorrow Tim and I will meet for breakfast and discuss Quantum physics.

The intrepid Josh.

The intrepid Ralph. (He's getting married soon. Bless!)

This is what my van ride from New York to Connecticut was like.

Self portrait of me in van.

This is the Mountain View Inn sign, (with the Gilded Peacock, which is the fab vintage clothing store. Jean Marie the owner has a TON of beautiful, interesting stuff here girls. Norfolk, CT)

Somebody obviously just said something really funny. Plus, there's a bear. This is outside the old Infinity Hall.

High five with the bear dude.

Nice bear!

Where's MY name????! Somebody's gonna pay for this BIG TIME!

Josh talking about transcendental meditation.

Ralph is, like, "What?"

Chris is about to punch Josh out.

Self portrait in dressing room at Infinity Hall.

We let Josh and Ralph sit on the floor outside the dressing rooms. They appreciated that.

Tim playing some dracula music at The Mountain View Inn.

Jean Marie and Dean at the beautiful Mountain View Inn in Norfolk Connecticut.