Tour to end hunger of band members day off blog

Day 5:

Well today we had a lovely day off, which meant that I got to spend the morning with the impressive Alec Wilkinson from the New Yorker, and we chummed about doing errands. He joined me for tea, and we talked about my dad who is a physicist.

I realized I couldn’t accurately tell him what it is my dad actually does, beyond “he works in semi conducters and lasers” and I don’t really know what that means. So we called my dad who was in the middle of doing construction in his kitchen, and I couldn’t hear a blessed thing he said, but there was a lot of laughter and ribaldry on his end of the conversation I must say.

I said “Dad, I’m here with Alec Wilkinson of the New Yorker and he wants to know what you do!” (Much laughter at his end). “No dad really!” (Howls of laughter). “Just tell me so a normal person can understand for Chrissakes Dad please”.

It turns out he’s working on some sort of Quantum computer, to either A: make the world a better place, or B: make pornography much more quickly accessible. I couldn’t quite make out which.

Anyway it’s jolly impressive I think. I’m quite proud. I just hope he’s not trying to renovate his kitchen BY HIMSELF, which I wouldn’t put past him. Next stop after our important tea was to Matt Umanov’s guiar shop on Bleeker street, the best guitar shop in the world. My husband took me there many years ago, and bought me an old 1930’s Martin guitar. Our dear friend Shel Silverstein was with us as I recall, and we stayed there for hours while Matt, Dave and Shel told stories and sang songs. That was pretty damned great. (Shel was such a good friend of ours that he came with us on our honeymoon- but that’s a very INTERESTING story for another time kids).

Alec and I hung out with Matt for a bit, and he gave me some picks which I needed and then Alec and I buzzed up to Euphoria rehearsal studios to meet the lovely and talented Timothy Bracy who I am doing some co-writing with.

Alec had to shoot off, and Timothy and I wrote a song.

“And that’s the news from Lake Woebegon” .

Matt Umanov and Zeke at Matt Umanov guitars, where about 20 years ago I bought my 1930's Martin guitar, with Shel Silverstein and my husband Dave.

Matt and Zeke

Me and Matt.

Thinking about going electric!

The lovely and talented Timothy Bracy and myself at our writing session at Euphoria nyc.

The incredibly helpful and fab AJ at Euphoria.