The Rebecca Pidgeon Tour to end hunger (of the band members), supporting the wonderful Jeffrey Gaines, Blog.

(Note to self: should the next tour be “The Rebecca Pidgeon Tour to end peckishness of the band members”? Think about it)

Day 2:
Van humor: Tim sent me an email which has apparently gone viral on the world wide inter-web, by an illeged 8th grader on the subject of Koala bears. He posits that though endangered, koalas don’t do shit for him, so why should he help them? They are not “hard” like the cool panthers and other hard animals, like, I presume, lions, but on the contrary they are “weak”, and though they pretend to be members of the Kangaroo family, they are just full of it, because kangaroos are “hard’ and have big hard legs, whereas in contrast the koalas legs are mere “little ass” legs that can’t do shit. He thinks that if a storm comes, the koalas will just be falling like rain from the trees because of their little ass legs.

But I wonder if on pausing for thought he might remember their one super power. I put it to him, that though cute and little ass, they I think are the one animal on the planet who can digest eucalyptus leaves, which is their diet, thus making them smell like a lozenge. So if you take a koala bear to bed with you at night, and hug on to it, it may CURE THE COMMON COLD! And what bad ass kangaroo can do that????

It occurred to me that I’m too “pleasant looking” in my photos, and that I always smile just like a weak koala. So I have determined to be more bad ass like a kangaroo. Watch out for some bad ass kangaroo photos of me. Rock stars should be more like kangaroos, and totally bad ass. Enough of all this koala bullshit.

We played tonight at the ADOROBLE (think koalas), coffee house, “Godfrey Daniels” in Bethlehem.

It was a lot of fun, and as the audience were all in their right minds and they all had their coffee and cookies, we didn’t get into any drunken brawl girl bachelorette parties, which was nice for a change, but I wouldn’t want it to ALWAYS be like that. Just every now and then.
Bethlehem is a very picturesque town, which used to be a steel mill town, but now there’s an enormous casino instead.

Now we’re in the van talking about “Allentown” by Billy Joel.


Van life is hard man. We're not fucking around.

Unlike the koala, we are hard.

We are so hard that we could be related to the kangaroo, or any other hard animal. But not the stupid fucking koala.

Second day of tour. Touring is exhausting!

At the hotel in Bethlehem the piano is playing itself!

Tim is confused.

Other famous people who have stayed at this hotel.

I think I got his room.

This is the poster we're using for our act. It's kind of what we're about.

I couldn't get a good connection on their old fashioned telephone. Godfrey Daniels is sweet, but c,mon man, can we get into the 21st Century.

In every self respecting tour there has to be band tension. This is a picture of me making Tim Young cry.

Just kidding!

Oh my golly gumdrops! Jeffrey Gaines is playing at Godfrey Daniels! Let's get our asses down there!

Oh pleeease let me go up on stage! I promise I'll be good!

Tim, Chris and I got sent down to the dungeon at Godfrey's for bad behavior. This is us in the dungeon before they let us out to go on stage.

Oh well, the dungeon has it's good points. Like these nice wooden stairs to sit on.

Performing at Godfrey Daniels.

Me and the wonderful Jeffrey Gaines

Happy to be at Godfrey Daniels!

Stupid fucking koala