My Rebecca Pidgeon Tour to end hunger (of the band members),
supporting the wonderful Jeffrey Gaines, Blog:

1st night of tour:

Tonight, Tim Young, Chris Rugulo and I drove from NYC to Wilmington Delaware. I’ve never been in Delaware, but I presume it’s where Washington “crossed”, with those other seven or eight guys in the boat. I’m assuming he had back up, because he “whomped the ass of the British” as my Chicagoan husband would say. Washington was a “great guy”. If I was from Delaware, I would be very proud to have had Washington cross my river.

We played tonight at a place called “The Logan House”, where according to a poster on the wall of the green room, Pete Best’s band “Best of the Beatles” also played.
I will always think of tonight as “Megan’s Night”. Megan was the bride who came in half way through our set with a huge inflatable penis and balls strapped to her back, and her seven hundred squealing girlfriends, for her bachelorette party. Megan was very young, and very adorable, and with her friends, not paying one jot of attention to the music Tim and I were playing, as why would she? She was involved in that rite of passage: “The Last Fling.”

She and her friends were me twenty years ago. I ended up extracting her from the group, giving her a blessing, and also giving her some advice about marriage, as I, unbelievably, have been married for twenty years to a guy I adore, and felt in a position to jolly well do so. She either appreciated it, or she was just being kind, but I wish her the best in her sweet young life, and hope she has a very happy marriage.
We got her picture at the end of the night with all her friends, and “Willie” the inflatable penis.

This is what life on the road is all about.


Start of tour. Me wearing my Tour t-shirt.

My Breakfast

My breakfast again.

Fresh and hopeful, unaware of the trials that await. (Tim Young, Chris Rugulo and myself)

Spotted this guy at the mall- but wait!

They were just selling off the stuff he wore once, including the shirt which has a yogurt stain STILL ON IT! Yes Girls!!!

Yogurt stain on Tom Petty's shirt.

Tom Petty stuff at the Mall on the way to Delaware

Tim Young with Guns and Roses at Mall on the road to Delaware.

The Delaware River. I hope it was narrower where Washington crossed it.

Oops. They couldn't find our registration at the DuPont in Willmington. Chris is trying to keep it together!

Things are going from bad to worse. Chris looks like he's laughing, but that's what he looks like when he's crying cos I'm giving him SHIT!

The receptionist doesn't care. She's a bad ass.

The obligatory Israelites of Wilmington.

President Lincoln.

I like to play at places with signs like this. It gives me a feeling of hope.

A coupla young hopefuls about to get their asses kicked.

Tim Noir in the Logan House green room.

Sound check at the Logan House.

The Pete Best poster.

And again.

Me in the bathroom of the Logan House.

Arty gig shot.

Gig at the Logan House.

Me and Megan.

Me, Megan, Willie and the girls.